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668号 Na Na(娜娜)

28 Years Old




Room 包房

Central 中部地区

SPA 按摩院

9468 0405

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2019-08-19 10:47:44王子 Says:
I can’t say enough positive things about nana. Her hands are so firm and her technique is incredible. I’m never disappointed after seeing her
A real sexy model figure masseur.

Looks 8 pretty lady
Body 8 very well maintain
Boobs B very sensitive when u keep playing with it
JG 8.5
Foreplay/teasing 9
Hj are best i tried
Attitude 10/10
Will surely RTM as she has a very
2019-08-14 09:43:31Jessm Says:
Promise her a FR here is the summary.
Looks: 100% to the pic, she is very pretty (already felt in love with her haha)
Massage: her strength is solid, she is pro man
Attitude: friendly, sweet and chatty lady
GFE: treat me like her boyfriend thought out the entire session
Figure: slim, tight body and her skin is smooth. Once you hug her you will never let her go
Boobs: firm B+, nice to grab until I can’t stop
Catbath: sensual and amazing
HJ: slow and steady, I got arouse quickly and she make sure I shoot out all my loads before she stop
RTM: many time already and worth the money spend, she is a jem and I hope all the bro can treat her nice
and respect her.

2019-08-04 08:16:392323boy Says:
Just came back from visiting her and I must is a very good session.
She look so much better then the blurred photo and her massage and service are very very good.
Her massage are strong and very Gfe. Time management is very good.

2019-08-04 08:16:39LuK Says:
她性感漂亮。 给予良好的按摩和良好的bj,
试试兄弟。 Pic真的是她。
2019-08-04 08:16:39男神 Says:
Pretty and petite lady with lots of gf feel. Awesome services which will make you cum in no time. All brothers should not missed out on this gem!

2019-08-04 08:16:39CTW Says:
I like her face, sharp features, lovely eyes
I love her voice, very ladylike, very polite
I am happy w her massage, especially a nice head massage after the deed
I am surprised and more than pleased w her sensual which lasted a long time
I have fallen in love w her bbbj, elegant face licking Ur precious dick, slurping my dick aland wrapping it w her beautiful mouth.
I failed…. Failed to hold as long as I can so that I can enjoy her oral w me.

Lastly… Her smile, captured my heart… She is indeed a gem…

I am convinced for my rtm
2019-07-28 07:37:47醉酒了 Says:

样貌- 8.5/10 (小B罩杯)
Figure- 8/10 (后翘,细皮嫩肉)
HJ- 9/10 (配合度超高的,简直俺升天了)
GFE- 10/10 (按摩很专业什么都懂,女友感十足)
2019-07-28 07:37:47 醉酒了 Says:

样貌- 8.5/10 (小B罩杯)
Figure- 8/10 (后翘,细皮嫩肉)
HJ- 9/10 (配合度超高的,简直俺升天了)
GFE- 10/10 (按摩很专业什么都懂,女友感十足)
2019-07-26 09:49:23kⅰng Says:
Nice girl with very good service. Must come and try.
2019-07-26 09:49:23wong Says:
I managed to secure a slot with this beautiful gem.

Her breasts were absolutely amazing… Big and natural.

Massage was top form too, managed to ease the aches.

A whole package for me, pretty face + good service ????

10/10, will return without a doubt!
2019-07-14 08:45:19janmk Says:

Went and had a session with nana this afternoon.
Looks: 7.5/10
Body: Very good, she has a great figure with very nice boobs. 9/10
Nuru: Among the best I have tried. 9/10
HJ: Standard. 7/10
Service: Very service-oriented, very cheerful and definitely among the better ones. 8.5/10
2019-07-12 09:38:20Jad313 Says:
Looks: 9/10 – She is prettier than the photo itself and with a good smile

Body: 9/10 – Soft Boobs, B or C and nipples are protruding!

Massage: 8.5/10 – Standards SOP for massage. But what come later is DAMN syiok! The sensual masage! Sensual and make my dick rock hard all the time

BBBJ: 9/10 – Good Suction and cover the whole dick and balls

Teasing: 9/10 – I would say she know how to please a man. Sensual teasing throughout the session.

RTM: Definitely a YES! Not a time watcher and will help you massage if you end earlier. Please treat this gem well.

2019-07-07 10:28:41野狼 Says:
2019-07-04 09:41:33爽歪歪 Says:
The second time I met Nana, the friendly and welcoming enthusiasm as usual, using her gentle little hands to help me with a good massage, the roots are more professional than before, worth it! ! perfect!
2019-07-04 09:41:33王子 Says:
Her service is pretty good especially the B2B and blowjob. Looks pretty cute too. Worth the money
2019-07-04 09:41:33小哥哥 Says:

按摩-到位,不看手机,有沟通 (nana,
我 趴住的时候很想转过身偷瞄你几眼????)
2019-07-01 07:51:40李白 Says:
2019-06-29 10:28:44jake Says:
Just had a session with nana, can say her skills are very good and knowledgeable in massage points and her customers service is fucking good. No bullshit at this.

Im someone that needs very strong touch, and she put in a lot of effort in order to ensure i get what i wanted.

HJ 9/10
after massage turned over and started to continue to keep my cock hard through her hj skills .pretty damm good she gave me access to her boobs very handful and the sizes was just nice if can pls try out her juagen skills u will fucking love this the juagen skills is not like the up down up down styles. She make me come in no time

Looks 8/10
very attractive just my point on it

Gfe 10/10

RTM 10/10
You should try out this lady, pls do take care of her
2019-06-29 10:28:44sam Says:
Just came back from her.
Massage is great & perfect!
Place is clean.
Strength is just nice.
Beautiful girl, great boobs!!!
Boobs lovers go for it!
Hj is very good, shot till I dry!
RTM Yes Yes
2019-06-29 10:28:44TMOOY Says:
Nana gave a wonderful, relaxing Nuru massage.
The environment was clean, peaceful and soothing.
I plan on going back very soon!
Highly recommend ????
2019-06-26 08:09:11tomy Says:
Massage was great, with good skills and the right pressure. She know how to apply the right pressure to all my sore and tired areas. The feeling is super relaxing. She is so easy to talk with, really good gfe! Her jg skills is fantastic and she knows exactly where to tackle. Soft and strong the same time! The finale was the nuru massage, sensual breast massage and seductive hj, really build a great feeling, and made me want to explode immediately! Wonderful experience and time well spent. RTM – SURELY!
2019-06-24 09:50:14AGC Says:
first time visit.
Looks: 8/10 (Milf slutly looks)
Figure: 9/10 (nice boobs and butt for squeeze) boobs is very pointy.
you will enjoy keep looking at it . (:
HJ: 10/10… can tailor to you need. Slow and pressure on it and gentle touch to boast
Erotic Nuru Gel B2B Massage: 8/10… not those hardcore, but if want, please request. I just want to relax.
2019-06-24 09:50:14Bod Says:
Nuru massage: I confirm that it was a really good experience and I will definitely return And nana massage is very good. the strength is perfect.
2019-06-24 09:50:14jam Says:

Visited nana today, same person as in the photo. Real person is more beautiful than photo.
Very patient lady who have a gf feel.
Perfect body and beautiful face.
Clean environment and smoke free as she don’t smoke.
Nice boob and give a nice massage.
Will return again for 1 1/2 hours as 1hours not enough, too bad want to extend longer last mintues but she already have booking.
To all bros out here, worth to support and your money also worth paying.

2019-06-23 10:44:30小强 Says:

2019-06-19 09:41:47老狼 Says:
Ⅴery good
2019-06-17 08:42:42旗哥 Says:
Visited NaNa for Nuru massage.

First time trying so was not expecting anything. A gem in my opinion.

Location : Easy to find, accessible by bus
Looks & Body : 9/10 (Office lady looks, Well maintain & slim)
Boobs : 36C
Service : 9/10 (Not a time watcher but I booked a busy time slot so have another customer coming during the massage. No worries she have two rooms)
B2B : 8/10 (Was surprised how sexual it was but it was my first time so a bit awkward)
GFF : 7/10 (Chatted but she had a troublesome customer before so was ranting about him)
RTM : Definitely, will recommend also.

Out of all the girls I visit, we had a good connection.

Guys remember to visit soon, she will be returning back soon!!

2019-06-11 08:55:57游世界 Says:
2019-06-09 09:08:25空少 Says:
2019-06-09 09:08:25花天酒地 Says:
2019-06-09 09:08:25孟子 Says:
2019-06-06 08:38:39aki Says:
tried this afternoon. love her B2B. beautiful body. will return
2019-06-06 08:38:39Cole Says:
Cab register my mobile number?
2019-06-06 08:38:01浪子 Says:
2019-06-04 07:01:02好色之徒 Says:

Comments on the statement:Hope all bros will give truthful FRs.
Truthful FRs is a responsibility to other bros and is a fair competition to the girls!