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734号 Bei Bei(贝贝)

27 Years Old




Room 包房

Central 中部地区

Apartment 公寓

9894 4096

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Service 服务: CBJ★有套口交 / Boobs Fuck★乳交 / Chest push★性感胸推 / Roam★全身漫游 / CIM★有套口爆 / Grasp root★抓根 / Back Kneeling★跪背 / Back Stepping★踩背 / Head,Neck & Shoulder Massage★头,颈,肩部按摩 / Prostrate Maintenance★前列腺保健 / Lymphatic Detoxification★淋巴排毒 / Massage: Authentic / Oil★正宗指压/油推按摩 / Nude massage★裸体按摩 / Chinese massage★中医按摩 / 99 HDLY★99 式海底捞月 / 69HJ★69 式打飞机 / GuaSha★刮痧 / Coin Guasha★硬币刮痧 / Cupping★拔火罐 / Auto Roaming★触摸全身 / SM★SM / Uniform seduction★制服诱惑 / Silk stockings temptation★丝袜诱惑 / Sexy Body Massage★性感调情按摩



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2019-07-14 08:45:19hongsok Says:
Just leave her place, very good experience. Excellent massage & jg skill, the best masseur I have tried these few years. Will be come back again soon.
2019-07-12 09:38:20福建小哥哥 Says:
今天约了小姐姐 $130/60的配套。上楼时心里已经做好准备,如果照不是片本人就掉头走,因为个人觉得视频和照片的样子不大一样。
2019-07-07 10:28:41bb Says:
Just wanted to shares this lady for all SYT lover.
Location in the Centra area, very convenient for both public transport and driver. I think 7mins walk from MRT station.A very new condo. Room is clean and well maintain.
Looks: 8.5/10 sweet and innocent look, long hair and definitely SYT. With light make up make her look even more attractive.
Figure: 8.5/10,, slim with a C cup, nicely fit her well. She is NOT TALL
Complexion: 7/10 fair and very smooth!
Service attitude : help to remove your clothing and very caring and attentive. Helped me to dry my body.
Massage : 8/10 oil massage with good strength on the right spot. Very comfortable and feel relax. Must try.
Some teasing and sensor touches here and there with her looking into you really make you shook
BBBJ: 8/10 slow and steady and take her time to blow, the feeling is really good. she is accommodating as she is very new to this trade. You can teach or tell her to do it to your liking.
GFE: 9/10 very pleasant and soft speaking SYT, the hugging, touches and interaction really enjoyable. You will surprise that your 60 mins are really fast over. No Handphone no nonsense solid 60 mins.
RTM: Sure
2019-07-07 10:28:34baby Says:
avoid if u can. ask for more $$$ just for cim & even more for fj. for >$200 u can get a syt elsewhere than an old milf. is more x than in spa.
2019-07-05 10:07:55toy Says:
Beibei is not one of the best but the best I have ever tried. She is pretty, talkative, and willing. Her boobs are wonderful and tight. Her pussy is tight and watery. She even trims her hair. Tight and willing. What else could you ask for?

Looks: 8/10
Body: 9/10
Attitude: 10/10
Service: Experience it for yourself
2019-07-05 10:07:55sg Says:
昨天约了她,按摩很棒,乳交一流,胸大人美。被她夹住的时候我还忍不住呻吟了一下,因为真的太舒服了,没一下子就被她的乳交给打败 兄弟们多多关照妹子,不会后悔的,我决定下个星期再找她。
2019-07-04 09:41:33sky Says:
07BlueSky Says:

Visited Beibei on 1/7/2019. Below is my personal review.
Upon entering the room, Beibei’s slim and curvilicious body was evident. She cheerfully held my hand like a cheerful GF waiting for me to return. Gave me a warm hug and was very accommodative to seek out my needs. She asked if I needed a shower or would like to start straightaway and I opted to start with shower. Attentive to detail and was not rushed. Was breaking the ice during this period and letting me be comfortable by chatting and at the same time stroking my little brother. 
GFE – 9.5/10. Cheerful and chatty and able to connect instantly. Immediately, I can find the rapport with her.
Looks – 9.5/10. Is 95% like the photos and she has oval shaped face and bros who like such facial shapes will enjoy looking at her. 
Body – 10/10. Curvaceous and well-toned. Can see her body’s flexibility and looks like she practices yoga (can see well-toned abs at certain angle). I loved her body and if any bros have a strong liking for well-toned model-like figure stroking you, go for her. 
Sensual Massage: 9.5/10. With all her clothes off (except her panties), she started using her warm breath down from my neck and down to all parts of body. Very arousing for me as I felt my heart raced as desire builds up… following which she used her boobs to massage every part of my back. As I feel the firmness of her boobs, my didi also became even more firm. 
Relaxation Massage: 8/10. Good coverage of back, butt, thighs, calves, feet and arms. Kneading strokes are sufficiently adequate for me. I haven’t asked for stronger force and was simply enjoying the touches of a beauty. 
BBBJ: 10/10. Turned me over after the sensual massage and asked me if I wanted BBBJ or HJ. That goes without saying what I chose and boy… she is good…! Live porn in action… She really put in such strong effort and I wondered if she will ever stop. Eventually after seeing her perspiring with all the hard work (my hands were running all over her curvaceous body while she was working hard, and I could feel her sweat slowing oozing out… also a turn on for me…), I asked her to stop and switched to HJ. I can’t bear to see a beauty to work so hard as I will want to come back for more in future. HJ was equally powerful and I finally came under her strong sensual strokes.
Post session – She chatted with me like a good old friend and really has very good attitude, smiling all the way.
Overall experience: 9.5/10. Excellent service. Not a time watcher and focuses on me during session, despite many messages coming through (goes to show how popular she is). I’ll definitely be her repeat custom

Comments on the statement:Hope all bros will give truthful FRs.
Truthful FRs is a responsibility to other bros and is a fair competition to the girls!